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Tomasz Dolski – born on 9th July 1995 in Poland. He grew up in music family in Krzyż Wielkopolski. Violinist and composer who makes his own unique style.

'I want me every concert to be the travel through the sound world. I want to make a fairy music world from serious music arranged in modern stylistics with pop, rock, blues, funk, dubstep to jazz and electronic music sometimes. I do it in order to every listener could find music that he/she likes. But first of all I build dramaturgy. My performances are to attract people who would like to see the whole my concert after hearing first chords. I want to make surprise by nice sound wave'.


The artist has got an unusual charisma and gets fine into touch with the audience.


As young violinist only 15 year old took part in TV talent show ‘Must be the Music’ where was third from among 10 000 participants. The artist attracted the audience’s attention by unconventional treatment of the violin accompied electronic music.

In 2016 he was awarded two important prizes:

- prestigious music award ‘Crystal Tuning Fork’ from Association of Polish Authors and Composers for authorial compositions

- second place during Polish Art Festival ‘Eagle 2016’ in ‘Sound’ category.

Tomasz has already played more than 300 concerts on the biggest polish stages such as: National Opera House, National Stadium in Warsaw, International Congress Center in Katowice, Hall of the Century in Wrocław. He also played concerts abroad (Hamburg, Berlin).

His concerts attractived international events among others:

- ‘Music knows no bounds’ in Gogolin – on the occasion of twenty years good neighborhood and cooperation treaty between Poland and Germany,

- ‘Deutsch-Polnische Begegnung Hamburg 2014’ – concert in Kaiserkeller Club in Hamburg (legendary stage, where The Beatles played)

- A ceremonial concert for the General Directors for Training from the European Union during the Polish Presidency of the Union in 2011, organized at the Wieliczka Salt Mine by the Ministry of National Education.

He is the author of educational – concert tour ‘Symphony for the Violin and Dj’ that started in January 2017. The idea of the project is to show serious music arranged in electronic sound to excite the interest of young audience and to encourage to discover serious music. In the endeavour the violinist joins history with the present time among others by using house, dubstep, pop and rock music.

In 2014 Tomasz Dolski dèbutant’s record ‘Love to Music’ was released. Also four his music clips were made.

In June 2017 he played a diploma concert and defended his undergraduate studies at the Faculty of Conducting, Jazz and Music Education at the Academy of Music. F.Nowowiejski in Bydgoszcz and graduated from Pedagogical Studies. Pedagogue, bachelor of art in jazz instrumentalist - violin.

Music education:

1. 2002-2014 the Fryderyk Chopin State Music School I and II grade in Piła – instrumental faculty violin class (diploma)


2. 2010-2014 the Fryderyk Chopin State Music School II grade in Piła – vocal faculty (diploma)


3. 2014-2017 the Feliks Nowowiejski Music Academy in Bydgoszcz – Conducting, Jazz and Music Education Faculty (diploma)


4. 2014-2017 the Feliks Nowowiejski Music Academy in Bydgoszcz – Pedagogical Studies (diploma)

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